The Alphabeasts play and teach, helping you to learn while having fun doing it! Let’s take a magical journey together and find out just who these lovable, hip, lively little creatures are and how they help us learn…

Who are the Alphabeasts?

The Alphabeasts are super-friendly characters that possess special powers. These incredible powers help the beasts work together to solve any problem on their exciting adventures. Always doing what is right, the Alphabeasts are giving and courteous, and they love to watch out for each other.

Why do the Alphabeasts have letters on their bodies?

These adventurous guys and girls have a letter of the alphabet right on their body that comes in handy when given a problem to solve or a duty to accomplish. No task is too small for the clan, and with the help of their most magical power…the ability to come together and spell words with their letters…they can get out of any jam or overcome any obstacle!

Where do the Alphabeasts live?

Not only do the Alphabeasts watch over each other, but they also keep a watchful eye on their home, Alphaland. Alphaland is a far away place that’s full of wonderment. Flowing blue rivers, green plants, tall trees, vast mountains, dewy meadows and a bright shining yellow sun are just some of Alphaland’s appeal. There’s one particular, massive tree in the center of Alphaland that stands high above the rest; a gigantic, strong and healthy tree that towers over the land. Little huts inside this tree are where our 26 beasts emerge from in the morning to start their day, and where they rest their heads at night after their adventures.

What do the Alphabeasts do?

Each day the Alphabeasts rise and shine to a new day, and set out on an adventurous journey that leads them through different parts of their homeland. Exploring nature and all the interesting places Alphaland has to offer, the beasts could be in search of food, a new place to play or teaching the sites and sounds they see and hear around Alphaland to the younger beasts in the family. And if they come across a problem to solve, then they jump to action with their special powers!

Each Alphabeast has a unique gift. Some are strong. Some are swimmers. Some can soar. Some are speedy. And each duty or problem that they encounter and need to solve calls for a different solution, so it’s very important that the Alphabeasts work together as a team not only with their special abilities, but also by coming together to spell words with their letters. Whenever they spell a word, the word comes true!

Does spelling words help the Alphabeasts solve problems?

Want an example of how the Alphabeasts can work together? Well, one sunny day Juno was taking a stroll down a winding road with Pogey and Ubatoo. Up the path they saw Moochi sitting on a rock looking unhappy. Moochi had been out searching for food earlier that day and came across a small stream cutting across the path that he was afraid to cross. When the other three Alphabeasts arrived and saw the problem, they quickly came together to spell the word J-U-M-P! And once they all lined up to spell the word, they magically jumped over the little stream and helped Moochi back on track! So you see, by working together, the Alphabeasts can accomplish anything.

Are YOU ready to play and learn with the Alphabeasts, too?

Learning is fun, and an important way of our life. And no one understands that better than the Alphabeasts. Coming together to spell words and solve problems is all in a days work for these little creatures. But there’s always room for another helper like you!

Do you want to be a part of the Alphabeasts’ adventures? Come join us!!

Today, parents are more conscious about early childhood development and want
nothing more than to jumpstart the process by using every technique and
learning tool available to ensure proper development.

Along with nurturing guidance, there is a variety of soft-touch to high-tech products available to aid in the learning process so that a child can start to develop mentally, emotionally and socially very quickly. And the decision to choose one educational product over another is a personal preference depending on how and what one wants to teach based on the child's age and capabilities as he or she evolves.

But there is the one basic lesson that parents begin with that lays the foundation for learning success—teaching the alphabet. The alphabet is the most important lesson to teach a child in the early phase of their life in order to build strong speaking, reading and writing skills.

At Alpha Toys, we believe in learning through play to enhance and improve mental growth while developing other vital skill sets. That’s why we created the Alphabeasts: 26 colorful, lovable, whimsical creatures that capture children’s attention and motivates them to learn the ABC’s through a variety of self-designed lessons and games that makes learning fun and entertaining.