Alphabeasts will help teach children a variety of important lessons. From learning the alphabet, recognizing letters (upper and lower case), spelling, word association, pronunciation, sharing, exploration, acting and more… the range of accomplishments is endless when incorporating Alphabeasts into a child’s routine and playtime.

Whether playing with the beasts alone, with others, or in conjunction with an educational lesson, children are enlivened by their presence inducing them to think, react, and respond. This type of participation stimulates learning power and motivates a child to want to experience more of this type of interaction that enables him or her to learn from these entertaining exercises.

There are many ways to teach lessons and skills with the Alphabeasts:
- Home schooling lessons
- Classroom lessons
- Daycare activities
- Imaginative play
- Spelling and/or word games
- Parental coaching
- Group activities with friends and family

When children play, they also learn. Some activities have them solving problems while others teach them how to share and take turns. Ultimately, playing greatly contributes to the cognitive, social and physical development of the children and should be encouraged.

With Alphabeasts, activities are only limited to a child’s imagination which provides endless learning opportunities. These two-sided, alphabet-adorned creatures will stimulate and grow young minds as they engage in a variety of playful adventures:
- Learn the alphabet
- Recognize letters
- Create spelling and word games
- Act out stories and fantasies with different beasts
- Create challenges and tasks for the beasts
- Animate the beast’s special powers
  and characteristics
- Make them a companion,
  protector or hero

Alphabeasts take playing to a new level
by enabling meaningful learning that leads
to lifelong benefits as the child grows
and matures.

Alphabeasts are a colorful way to add character and fun to any room. Use them to spell names or words to express yourself. The Alphabeasts are at home in everyone’s room. Have fun and decorate your space with them today!

Download and print these Alphabeasts coloring pages for a fun and educational exercise!